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ChildCraft: The how and why library

Volumes: 12




Childcraft features a classic blend of photos, illustrations, fiction, and nonfiction to capture and keep the interest of a young child.


Key features:


Concepts explained with age-appropriate text and graphics

"Know It All" feature

Controlled vocabulary and glossaries

Helps develop research skills

Updated to meet curriculum needs

The multi-volume Childcraft set explains a wide range of concepts simply, with age-appropriate text and bold graphics. Each volume covers a different topic in ways that help to build research skills.


Art Around Us encourages young readers to explore visual and performing arts from around the world.

The World of Animals surveys many different kinds of animals

The World of Plants invites the reader to discover how plants live and grow.

Students will learn about our world, the stars, the sun, the moon, and other planets in Our Earth and Our Universe.

The volumes How Does It Happen and How Things Work explore the forces and machines that build and change the world around us.

Shapes and Numbers introduces young students to basic concepts of arithmetic.

About You is about, well, you: your skin, bones, muscles, senses, and more.

Who We Are explores the names, activities, communities, foods, and traditions that make up our identities.

Celebrate! teaches about the many holidays celebrated around the world.


Titles in this series:


About You

Art Around Us


How Does it Happen?

How Things Work

Our Earth

See the World

Shapes and Numbers

The Universe

Who We Are

The World of Animals

The World of Plants

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