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Explore and Learn

Volumes: 6




Thoroughly researched and spectacularly illustrated, this 6 volume set is designed to teach children through activity-based learning. Within each book, an educational topic is introduced through projects, stories, photographs, illustrations, and special features such as quizzes and word boxes.


Key features include:

Word search - Search out new or difficult words or phrases. Each word is explained to improve a child's understanding of the text.

Curriculum buttons - Special icons help educators and children search out a particular subject that is covered on each page.

Find the answers - Questions are posed in each volume to help children get the most out of the information they read.

Hands-on projects - Each volume offers simple projects that allow kids to put their new knowledge to practical use.

Kid-friendly maps - Atlas of the World volume includes a pull-out world map.

Study guide - The set includes a removable study guide that explains how curriculum subjects are integrated into the content.


Titles include:


Earth and Space

Science and Technology

The Natural World

People in Place and Time

Me and My Body

Atlas of the World

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explore and learn