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Discovery Science Encyclopedia



For a fresh look at today’s elementary and middle-school science topics, this nine-volume series delivers with more than 3,000 articles and hundreds of photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams. Arranged into such pertinent topics as Animals, Earth, Human Beings, Matter & Energy, Plants, and Space, the titles can easily be shelved as a set or circulate individually.


While science can be an intimidating subject for many learners, this series makes it easier than ever to understand. Simply and clearly written, each article has a captioned illustration, color photograph, drawing, or diagram great for visual learners. With content created by science experts, entries include terms, definitions, inventions, notable scientific people, and more in easy-to-understand language. Students will also have the chance to sharpen research skills using such features as keys to pronunciation, guide words, and an index in each volume.


For hands-on experiments for science fairs or in-class learning, find over 60 pages of experiments and notes that have been tested and created for home or classroom use. Using the experiments as a guide, watch videos embedded in the QR codes to get tips on how to conduct experiments or even test out a new hypothesis. Expanding on science concepts within the series with associated activities will help to solidify the lesson in student’s minds.



  • Animals I (A-L)

  • Animals II (M-Z)

  • Earth

  • Human Beings I (A-L)

  • Human Beings II (M-Z)

  • Matter and Energy

  • Plants

  • Space

  • Technology


Key Features:  

  • Features a wealth of photos, diagrams, experiments, and activities

  • Great resource for science project ideas!

  • Meets the Next Generation Science Standards for Earth Science  Progression, Life Science Progression, and Physical Science Progression

  • Includes QR codes that link to complementary videos to enrich the learning experience

  • Offers more than 3,000 articles and hundreds of photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams

  • Divided topically, the seven titles can be shelved as a set in a reference section, or individually as part of the circulating collection

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